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End of Life & Hospice 

Guidance         Support        Care Coordination 
Find YOU in Living & Dying

Quality of Life and Comfort during all stages of a Life
Offering & Curating:
Creating Your Legacy

Completion Work
Guidance on End of Life 
Legal Documentation
Vigil Wishes
Support - Personal or Group
and much more...
Find out if an End of Life Doula is right for you...

End of Life Doula
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What is an End of Life Doula and how can we help?

End of Life Doula's work collaboratively with your health care team to provide support, education and guidance from the time of diagnosis, until the end of life. 

End of Life Doula's provide services, programs and education to keep You and Your Family informed during a time that is unknown, uncomfortable and frankly, frightening.

End of Life Doula's will guide you on a Journey of Love, Joy and Happiness, while aiming focus on Comfort and Quality of Life. 

All of Us will Die 

Let's do it with Grace and Dignity


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Hospice & Palliative Care.. it's not just to die anymore

Focus & Benefits for:

  • Increases Quality of Life

  • Comfort Measures and Medications to ease symptoms

  • Pain Management options not limited to medications

  • Comprehensive/ Systemic Symptom Management


Which May...

  • Increased Satisfaction with Care and Life

  • Allowing you More Time to do and complete the things you want to do 

  • allows you to spend your time in the place you call home with the people you call family and friends


Not Limited to Medical and Physical...

  • Respect for your Spiritual and Religious Beliefs

  • Encouraging Social and Cultural Individuality

  • Ongoing Support for your Emotional Wellbeing

Why is Hospice Consulted for You or Your loved one?

1. There are no more medical treatments or interventions that can be offered for your condition/diagnosis

2. Your Diagnosis has a life limiting time frame of 6 months or less to live

3. You or your family no longer want to pursue medications, treatments and interventions for your condition/diagnosis 

4. Your Medical Team or Yourself & Family have requested information about Hospice Care 

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