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Tropical Island

It is a pleasure to meet you...

I am Jessica,

Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Windsor  

Registered Nurse - experience in Medical, ICU, Perioperative and Hospice

Advanced Foot Care Nurse

Essential Oil Coach - Certification

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - Certification

End of Life Doula - Candidate (working towards my certification)

Image of Owner Jess. Her style changes all the time

My Holistic Health Journey

Established in 2016...

once upon a time, on an incredibly hot summer day at the beach 

none of us knew what was coming or had every experienced a beach this hot

sunburned and sun stroked so severe,

blisters down my spine, was bedridden and incapacitated for 3 days

missing dosing of a prescription medication for “mental health”

the  withdrawal process was horrific...

the mental and physical torture I endured caused me to rethink the way I TREATED myself

by completing daily research, I discovered NATURAL WAYS OF HEALING - 

      essential oils, herbs, all natural supplements, functional medicine and so much more

I learned proper diet and mental wellness are the keys to changing a life. 

I am a strong advocate for understanding mental, emotional and physical dis-ease


Let’s do the same for you…


I'd LOVE to hear your story!

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